Would a decline in Crude Oil be good for the S&P 500?


Crude Oil declined $100 per barrel back in 2007/2008.  Was this good for the 500 index?  During the same time frame the 500 index fell 45%.

Over a 6 month stretch last year, Crude Oil declined $35 per barrel. How did the 500 index perform during that 6 month window?  Down over 19%.

High gas prices and its impact on the consumer are a hot topic of lateMany are wishing that Gas prices and Crude Oil will back off in the near future.  If Crude Oil falls in price would that be good for the stock marekt?  The last two times Crude Oil declined 20% or more, so did the S&P 500! 

Should investors wish for a decline in Crude Oil?  Someone once said… “Be careful what you wish for!”   


  1. Park the car or better yet sell it and rent when necessary. Invest in a bicycle for errands and work. Save money on auto maintenance and insurance, gas, health club memberships, and doctor visits. Use the money saved to buy fruit trees to grow your own food and shade your house, which will save more money since industrial agriculture requires petroleum, and utility bills will also be going up.

  2. No

  3. It is a Money printing rally = Inflation thanks to the World Wide Banksters – The “WWB”

    The CNBC/media Muppets say Oil rising will destroy the Economy/Equities, but their wrong it is when Oil rolls over that Equities get into trouble

    When the Money gets soaked up the rally stops