Will this pattern/setup cause Small Caps (Russell 2000) to decline for the third time?


The 850-870 range has become tough resistance for the Russell 2000 index over the past 5 years. Each time this level was reached and support was taken out, Small caps fell in price.

Now for the 3rd time Small Caps have hit line (1) and a key support line is in play. Odds are high that a break of support at (3) would bring in sellers!



  1. Chris, I have a chart I will send you in the near future that will find VERY interesting related to small and mids. It is funny how I trade in something and I see one of your charts related to it pop up within minutes or hours. Our minds are in synch.

  2. Great minds think alike! Just wish I had a great mind. Look forward to your charts and Thanks. Chris