Apple Eiffel tower pattern update as bearish rising wedge breakdown takes place!


The above 2 charts on Apple may look a good deal different, yet the look to be sending a similar message! 

The left chart is a “Linear” chart of Apple over the past 10-years, reflecting that an “Eiffel Tower” pattern looks to be in place.  The message from this pattern….If you see the left side of the Eiffel tower pattern, you often end up seeing the right side too!

The right chart is a “Log” chart of Apple over the past 30-Years, reflecting that a 30-year resistance line looks to have stopped Apple’s rally back in September.  At the same time a multi-year bearish rising wedge looks to be breaking down at (2).

The patterns and messages from Apple don’t appear to be bullish at this time and could well impact the broad market, especially the tech sector.


  1. Playing the Ponzi

    I like your Eiffel Tower set-up and very much agree (more ideological than chart-based) about AAPL significant downside mid/long term. But in the shorter term, the seems to set up nicely for a bounce from here:

    Thoughts? Is that read valid? Am I missing something? I’d appreciate hearing your take on the shorter term chart setup.

  2. The wick in AAPL is from 100 shares going off at 11:02 for 605.50. What have you seen happen in the past when a trade is this “far away” from the market? Do you ignore the wick in this instance? Thanks!