Was this weeks market decline influenced by China?


The Power of the Pattern reflected Tuesday morning that the China ETF (FXI) has hitting the top of its multi-year flag pattern. (see Giant Flag post)  The U.S. markets were soft post election results.  Could this giant flag pattern have influenced FXI and the U.S. Markets?

Don’t lose sight of this multi-year flag pattern and how it can impact the U.S. markets!


  1. i love your work, is there any chart depicting world trade other then baltic index which is inadaqute because it refles over supply of ships,

  2. fxi should be seen in light of shanghai index, fxi over over over shanghai or shanghai over fxi

  3. The China chart appears to be an Adam and Eve topping formation — textbook perfect.

  4. Jim…..Can you tell our viewer more about the “Adam & Eve” pattern please????