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Stocks & Commodities futures tied to what bonds do right here!

  CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE One year ago this month the yield on the 10-year note had just underwent the strongest 18-month rally in 30-years. This rally was off the charts rare, as the prior seven strongest 18-month rallies were just half this size, taking it to the stop of channel (A) in the […]

King Dollar & Euro… A “Trend Change” has to happen!

  CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE Is it time for the U.S. Dollar & Euro to change their current trend? My first thought would be “what trend?”  Many talk about the big moves in the U.S. Dollar and Euro and I just want to scratch my head and say, “where is the trend?” The above […]

Largest “Topping” pattern in 50-years? Could be!!!

    Regardless of what you invest in, certain assets could be making the “largest topping pattern in the past 50-years.” If the pattern that billions of free thinking people create is correct read, it will have a profound impact on all our portfolios, regardless of what country around the world we live in! See […]