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Doc Copper going to peak again at 200 Day moving ave?

Doc Copper is often viewed as a leading indicator, for global growth or lack of. The 200 day moving average is often viewed as the line in the sand to determine if an asset is in an up or down trend. Is Doc Copper climbing above its 200 day moving average a good or bad […]

Leading indicator about to break 13-year support channel?

In 1999 and 2001, Ole Doc Copper created a double bottom on a monthly basis and started moving higher. Once Copper started heading sharply higher in 2003, commodities and stocks did pretty well in the following years. Currently Doc Copper finds itself in what could be a very important price point, that could say a […]

These four assets reflect no pressure on Janet to raise rates!

Will the Fed raise rates or not? The media is spewing speculation almost by the minute, about what the Fed will do in regards to interest rates. Is the Fed seeing things that would suggest they need to raise rates? We all are aware the Fed looks at tons of indicators. Speaking of indicators, the […]