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Global Leadership- Germany/DAX breaking support

CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE Above is an update on the DAX index from Germany. The DAX lead the S&P to the upside from late 2014 to early 2015. After hitting channel resistance in early 2015, the DAX has been weak and other key markets around the world have followed. The DAX hit rising channel […]

Crude Oil- Suggesting to “Sell In May” again?

CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE It’s that time of year to hear the “Sell In May” message. This theme usually applies to stocks. Could it also apply to Crude Oil? The above chart compares Crude Oil and the S&P 500 the past four years. A year ago, Crude Oil and the S&P 500 both peaked […]

Crude Oil- Hits two 25-year support lines and is breaking out!

I was very blessed and lucky to be influenced by Sir John Templeton, a couple of decades ago. Sir John shared that other than the bible, the book below was the most important book he had ever read. CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE Two months ago in our Sector/Commodities Sentiment extremes report, we addressed that […]