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Crude Oil Market As Oversold As 1999 Lows

Crude Oil is quite simply the most important commodity on the planet. But volatility with Crude Oil prices emerges every time there is conflict in oil producing nations or an economic slowdown.

And this has led to some pretty big swings in Crude Oil prices over the past several years.

But the latest swing lower …

Crude Oil- Two-thirds chance of upside breakout



We are all aware that Crude Oil has been hit hard over the past year. I suspect that many are enjoying part of the decline, as its driven gas prices to levels that are nice to see at the pump. Now we all have extra money to spend on the …

These four assets reflect no pressure on Janet to raise rates!


Will the Fed raise rates or not? The media is spewing speculation almost by the minute, about what the Fed will do in regards to interest rates.

Is the Fed seeing things that would suggest they need to raise rates? We all are aware the Fed looks at tons of indicators.

Speaking of indicators, the …