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Life could get cheaper if these break support!


A Big Picture signal could be coming from products most of use on a daily basis!

The 4-pack below looks at Crude Oil, Coffee, Copper and Cattle.

crudecoffeecoppercattelsupporttestjuly14CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE

Crude Oil broke below a support line that had been in place for the past 7-years. Of late it kissed the underside of …

Leading indicator breakdowns, more important than Greece?


Has Greece been a good economic indicator over the past few years? Most would say NOT!

Could Crude & Copper be sending a more important global message than what happens in Greece?

A year ago a long-term pennant pattern in play with Crude Oil. Once it started heading south a year ago, it fell hard. …

King Dollar & Crude Oil reversing ST trends, says Joe Friday

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King Dollar and Crude Oil have been have had little correlation over the past year, as each has traded in pretty much opposite directions.

Over the past 9 months King Dollar has had a historical rally and the opposite is true for Crude Oil.

Of late Crude hit its 23% …