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Crude oil- 7th largest 2-month rally in history, now what?

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Two months ago, the 2-month rolling return for Crude Oil was -40% at (1) above. At that time Crude Oil had declined almost $70 in the past 9-months, trading near $45. It was easy to find people predicting that Crude Oil was not near a low and some shared it …

Whack a mole time for key assets of late! Now what???


Portfolio construction and the game whack a mole seem to have some in common of late….Key assets have been looking for a place to hide!

The 3-pack below reflects that the US Dollar and Government Bond ETF TLT have broken below steep rising channels. At the same time the S&P 500 is could be slipping …

Bond players are very scared of this…

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Bond investors loved the swift decline in Crude Oil that started last fall.

As Crude Oil was falling 60%, popular bond ETF TLT rallied 24%.

As TLT was hitting resistance, Crude Oil was making an attempt to put in a double bottom.

Once Crude Oil looked to have created a …