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King Dollar’s ripple effects and why trends could change here and now!

  CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE When is comes to cause and effect, the U.S. Dollar seems to be having a profound impact on commodities over the past three years. This 5-pack takes a look at the U.S. Dollar and a few key commodities. The upper left chart reflects that the US$ hit a low […]

King Dollar is near 6-year breakout…How will it impact the S&P 500???

CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE Take your pick, in the past 6 years, sometimes the U.S. Dollar moves up and the S&P goes down, other times its the opposite and then…..sometimes they move up together, like they have the majority of the past few years. Now the King Dollar may be breaking above a 6-year […]

King Dollar & Euro… A “Trend Change” has to happen!

  CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE Is it time for the U.S. Dollar & Euro to change their current trend? My first thought would be “what trend?”  Many talk about the big moves in the U.S. Dollar and Euro and I just want to scratch my head and say, “where is the trend?” The above […]