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King Dollar at 11-year resistance, 77% bulls

  CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE Are we witnessing some “crowded and uncrowded” trades when we take a look at the currency markets? The U.S. Dollar has rallied a few percent higher over the past two months, taking it up to an 11-year falling resistance line. The rally has seen the bullish percentage increase to […]

King Dollar Is Nearing 11-Year Resistance, Sentiment Getting Lofty!

  CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE The U.S. Dollar has experienced a small rally over the past couple of months (up 3%), taking it back to falling resistance line (1) that has been in place for the past 11-years.  This small rally has created a shift in bullish sentiment towards the U.S. Dollar. The lower […]

Euro looks poised for further weakness, as it breaks support!

  CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE On April 24th the Power of the Pattern shared that the Euro looked like it was hitting a peak in prices and should turn weak in the near future. (see post here). Why did it look like the Euro was peaking 5 weeks ago? It was creating a bearish rising […]