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King Dollar could be creating unhealthy bearish pattern!

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The current news addiction of late revolves around Greece, closely followed by how the Euro will react this situation.

Taking a step back from the Greece noise, I wanted to take a look at the price action of the US$ over the past few months.

The US$ looks to have …

US Dollar forming a bubble?

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The US Dollar’s strong rally that started last July hit a resistance line, that dates back to the 1980’s, which so far looks to have stopped its strong upward progress.

Has the US$ formed a bubble? Humbly, I don’t think that is the issue. What the US$ does at this …

King Dollar bouncing off long-term support?

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Almost 90-days ago the US Dollar was dealing with a 14-year resistance line that dated back to its all-time highs in 1985, around the 95 level. It pushed above this resistance line and closed just above the 100 level on the week ending 3/13/15. Since then the US$ has backed …