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Euro- Time for the crash to turn into a rally?

CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE The past year has been rough on the Euro/USD! How rough? The bottom section of the above charts looks at the 52-Week rate of change on the Euro, which reflects the Euro/USD has had the worst one year decline in its history. The decline has driven the EUR/USD to a […]

“Francly Speaking” this indicator suggests Gold is to head lower!

In 2011, I was pretty frank when I shared the following…“The Swiss Franc is suggesting Gold will be flat to down for years to come!” See post HERE Since that post, Gold has lost a third of its value and Silver around two-thirds. “Francly Speaking” the message for Gold, coming from the Franc is…Lower prices […]

Gold- Important break through is about to happen!

CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE In the last 15 years gold is up 4X over its 2001 lows of $250 per ounce, however the last 3 years have been rough with it losing over a third of its value. Many continue to debate if Gold is in bull or bear market. Personally I am not […]