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Gold/Silver attempting to break 3-year falling resistance

It’s been a rough 3-years for the metals space.

“THE” worst 3-years in history for Gold and the 3rd worst 3-year performance in history, for Silver (see table below). The Power of the Pattern shared in 2011, that metals should be down for years to come. (See post here)  

Is the trend about to turn …

Gold testing multi-year breakout level!

In the summer of the 2011, a rare set up was in place in the Gold and Swiss Franc markets. At the time the Power of the Pattern shared that Gold should be “Down for years to come.” See why we shared this near all-time highs in gold (HERE)

Since that post, the metals complex …

Gold mining stocks, time to do some bottom fishing?



Mining stocks had a rough day yesterday to say the least. Popular mining ETF GDX fell almost 11% yesterday, hitting all-time lows.

Does falling 10% or more happen very often? The above chart looks at Gold Bugs Index (HUI) and looks at times when it fell 10% or more in …