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Govt Bonds (TLT) – Peaking as it kisses the underside of resistance?

The Fed over the past year has continued to hint, that they would raise interest rates. Billions of free thinking people have NOT bought into this theme, as they have pushed yields lower and bond prices higher and higher. Below takes a peak a 20-Year bond ETF (TLT) over the past decade. CLICK ON CHART […]

S&P, Bonds and Utilities each create reversal patterns!

CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE Two times in the past 7-weeks the S&P 500, on  a weekly basis, has created bullish reversal patterns (bullish wicks) at 2-year horizontal support. At nearly the same time, interest sensitive Government Bond ETF (TLT) and Utilities (XLU) have created bearish reversal patterns (bearish wicks) at resistance lines. Potential message […]

Bonds in trouble, after creating this bearish pattern?

CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE The above chart looks at the yield on the 30-year bond, from an “inverted” angle. Why invert the bond chart? This way it looks like bond “price.” The 30-year yield (inverted) has peaked along line (A) a couple of times over the past 8-years. Last week a large reversal pattern (bearish […]