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Bond players- Beware of what happens here!


It is easy to find talk these days about the Fed moving interest rates higher. Humbly I don’t know what Janet will do next. Could it be more important what billions of free thinking people do with bond positions they have at the cross roads below?

From a price perspective, the yield on the 10-year …

Bonds breaking support, is it due to King Dollar weakness?

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Did key bond ETF’s create long-term double tops over the past couple of years? The above 3-pack takes a look at three different bond ETF’s. AGG and LQD earlier this year attempted to break above 2012 highs. At this time it looks like they failed and may have created double …

Bonds continue decline if these give way… says Joe Friday

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Are bonds scared of Doc Copper heading higher? Are bonds scared of Crude Oil heading higher? Are bonds scared of the employment stats getting stronger? Humbly I don’t know the answers to these questions.

I do know this from a price perspective. The top chart reflects that Copper has pushed …