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Crude Oil & Stocks continue “Look Alike Patterns” at resistance

Sometimes, people look alike and sometimes patterns look alike. Below looks at the most important commodity on the planetĀ (Crude Oil) and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Index. CLICK HERE TO ENLARGE CHART ABOVE As the world starts drifting away from the Brexit story, the reality of key leading indicators will come back into focus […]

Follow this leading indicator closely, resistance test in play

Below compares the prices of Crude Oil and the New York Stock Exchange Index (NYSE) over the past couple of years. Once Crude peaked in 2014, the NYSE Index make little upward movement after than, even though the trend for the prior few years was clearly up. Over the past year (black rectangle box), the […]

2007 pattern being repeated right now? Another “Push Away???”

CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE The NYSE index kissed the underside of dual resistance at (1) back in 2008. Once resistance held, a big push away from it took place and sellers stepped forward. NYSE creating a similar pattern again at (2)??? This would NOT be a good place for the Risk On trade if […]