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Optimism would come forward if breakouts happen here-

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Over the past year, a few sectors (Transports, Bio-Tech, Banks and Russell 2000) have been weaker than the broad markets. For the broad market to move higher, “Risk On” traders/investors want these weak sectors, to start reflecting some strength.

Below looks at the patterns of these downside leaders. As you can see, each as created …

Transports and Russell caught in between rock and hard spot!

transportsrussell rock and hard place feb 1


We all know by now the year got off to a rough start in stock markets around the world.

Transports and Russell 2000 are the leaders to the downside over the past 90-days. The declines of late took both of them down to 5-year rising channels, where they hit rising …

Weakest Indices create reversal patterns at 5-year support

One trend is clear, over the past 90-days, stocks have been soft. Below looks at what marketsĀ have been the weakest, during the past 90-days.

performance spy russell transports 90 days jan 23


The two “downside leaders” are Transports and Small Caps (Russell 2000). So lets take a peak at what these two look like, from a Power …