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Shanghai Index- 8th worst weekly decline in its history!

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Joe Friday Just The Facts… The Shanghai index has had a rough week, down 13.32%. This was the 8th worst weekly decline in the past 25-years.

Any reasons this could be happening? Below looks at the Shanghai index over the past 20 years

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Over the …

Red Hot Shanghai pushed above another resistance level


When it comes to Red Hot stock markets the Shanghai index fits the bill. Below looks at the Year-To-Date performance of the Shanghai, DAX and S&P 500 indices.

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As you can see the S&P 500 is lagging big time this year and even though the DAX is having a great …

Leading indicator faces dual kiss of resistance

kissinlightbulbCopper is often looked at as a leading indicator. Doc Copper has been hot of late! Over the past 90-days, Copper ranks third from a performance perspective (see table below) On a longer term basis, ole Doc Copper doesn’t have much to brag about.

performance3monthmay19For the past few years, Copper has been weak, losing over …