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Be aware of these surroundings friends!

CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE It could pay to be “aware of these surroundings!” (1) – Nasdaq Composite Index is back at 2000 highs, with little wiggle room at the top of this rising wedge pattern (2) – Google shot up after earnings two weeks ago hitting a resistance line based upon its 2007 highs […]

Dax-hai indicator very important, investors looking the wrong way!

Investors and the media seemed to be consumed with the news from Greece of late. Could they be looking the wrong direction? Humbly I feel its important to watch the Dax-hai indictor. What is the Dax-hai indicator? Its the combination of the the DAX Index (Germany) and the Shanghai Index (China). These two markets are […]

Shanghai index creates historic reversal pattern like 2007

CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE Much of the attention around the world seems to be revolving around a small country called Greece. What about the most populated country in the world (China), any key messages coming from there of late? Well another Month, Quarter and Half a year are in the books. With this in […]