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Hey Tonto…These “Patterns and Sentiment” could hurt Silver!

   CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE From the early 2000′s to 2011, Silver continued to create bullish “Ascending Triangles” as it rallied from $4 to $50, highlighted in green above. After peaking at $50, Silver has started creating the opposite pattern, a “Descending Triangle!”  Silver could be creating another descending triangle at the black arrow [...]

Gold & Silver Bulls want to see this happen!

  CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE The above chart is the Silver/Gold ratio. Strong rallies in both metals often take place when this ratio breaks above key falling resistance over the past 15-years. At this time the ratio remains inside of a three year falling channel. The ratio has had a nice rally since the [...]

Gold & Silver have had “big rallies” off this for the past decade!

  CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE Are Gold & Silver still in a bull market? Some say yes, others say no, each person coming from a different point of view. If one uses long-term support lines (10 years+) as a gauge, the bull markets are still in place in both metals, reflected in the chart [...]