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S&P 500 – Historically bullish on a breakout here

CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE Could our past impact the future? First off let’s see if it has in the past! The above chart is a long-term view of the S&P 500. 1974 was a key low, it took place around the time President Nixon was impeached. Most are aware that that a very sharp […]

Active Managers near most bullish levels ever, what’s next?

CLICK CHART TO ENLARGE With many of the major stock indices hitting all-time highs, would it be a surprise to see money managers excited about the markets? ┬áIf they would happen to be excited, could that be a bearish signal for the markets? The upper left table reflects that the National Association of Active Investment […]

All-Time monthly highs and favorite sectors

CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE Above are markets that are starting this month at all-time highs. Only the Nikkei is not at an all-time high, it did finish last month at a new monthly high, surpassing the highs hit in 2007. Historically, having numerous markets closing at all-time monthly highs at the same time, has […]