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Reversal pattern just take place in the Industrials ETF (XLI) ???

  CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE Industrial ETF XLI may have created a “Bearish Wick” on a monthly basis at its Fibonacci 161% Extension level at (1) last month. Over the past year, XLI has reflected relative strength compared to the broad market. Over the past 30 & 90 days, XLI has reflected a little [...]

Small caps (Russell 2000) does this for the first time in 13-years!

  CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE The top line represents the Russell 2000/SPY ratio. A 6-year support broke at (1), soon after that the S&P 500 broke below a multi-year support line at (2), which was followed by softness. Now the Russell 2000/SPY ratio is breaking a 13-year support line of late. Should investors “approach [...]

Momentum back at 1987, 2000 & 2007 levels…Long in the tooth?

  CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE It usually takes an extended bull market to push “Monthly Momentum” to lofty levels. The above 2-pack looks at the S&P 500 and the DJ Transports on a monthly basis, back to the early 1980′s. The upper lines represents monthly momentum. As you can see momentum reached lofty levels [...]