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S&P 500- Bull Flag potentially in play, breakout about to happen?

bull fighting pic

Has the S&P 500 formed a “Bullish Flag Pattern” and making an attempt to breakout? Possible. If you are not familiar with the pattern, see more details HERE.

spx bull flag testing resistance may 24CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE

Unless one lives under a rock, you are well aware that that bulls nor bears have anything to brag about the

Risk On Bonds- Testing key breakout levels, will stocks follow?

debt etfs all hitting 38% level may 10


To be long and strong stocks, one likes to have confirming signals.

Above looks at four different bond funds, that one would prefer to be heading higher, if you are long and strong stocks.

As you can see most of these bond funds started heading south in 2014. About the …

Germany- Leading index breakout test 4% away!

dax spx resistance levels may 10

The DAX index (Germany) and the S&P 500 have followed similar paths over the past few years. Both bottomed in 2009 and 2011 around the same time. The DAX hit 5-year rising channel resistance in April of 2015 and reversed course quickly.

The DAX peaked a couple of months ahead of the S&P 500 last