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Dax-hai indicator very important, investors looking the wrong way!


Investors and the media seemed to be consumed with the news from Greece of late. Could they be looking the wrong direction?

Humbly I feel its important to watch the Dax-hai indictor.

What is the Dax-hai indicator? Its the combination of the the DAX Index (Germany) and the Shanghai Index (China). These two markets …

Fear index ahead of itself as it hits strong falling resistance

vixresistancetestimportantjuly8CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE

The VIX (Fear Index) has shot up of late on a very small decline in the S&P 500.

Did it get ahead of itself?

A small decline in the S&P 500 has the VIX hitting resistance based upon the 2009 highs.

For the past few years fear has peaked at …

Double Top, back at 2007 levels? Risk off time again?



This chart looks at the Stock/Bond ratio over the past 10-years.

As you can see the ratio hit all-time highs back in 2007 and once it turned lower and broke support line (1), the trade was to overweight bonds and underweight stocks.

In 2009 the ratio was very low and …