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Leaving Fear Trade (Inverse VIX) – Pocket Change gain time!

  CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE When the sky is falling crowd grew large one month ago tomorrow, Premium Members stepped in and bought the inverse fear ETF (XIV) and is was falling off the table and created a bullish wick, highlighted in the chart above. I shared this idea on Stocktwits and discussed it […]

S&P 500 and VIX produce bullish and bearish wicks, surprise anyone last week?

  CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE Does it surprise you how much these patterns and price action looks very much the same in the S&P 500 and NDX over the past few years? Time will tell how key last week was, as both stock index’s were at support, creating bullish wicks and both fear index’s […]

Fear Index (VIX) about to pull a “Dante’s Peak?”

  CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE Dante’s Peak is a 1997 American epic disaster adventure film directed by Roger Donaldson, starring Pierce Brosnan, Linda Hamilton. Dante’s Peak, Washington, a fictional small town is situated near a dormant stratovolcano in the Cascades.  The town would not listen to the warnings from Brosnan, as he felt signs […]