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10-Year Yield could move up over 150% says Joe Friday

  CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE The Power of the Pattern suggested that interest rates were about to blast off in May of 2013, because it looked like a bullish inverse head & shoulders pattern in yields was in play. (see post here)  What happened right after that posting? Interest rates experience the largest 18-month rally […]

Is the six month rally in bonds over?

  CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE Its been a good year for bonds in just six months! Popular bond ETF TLT was up as much as 12% at the start of this month. Most investors would be happy to make 12% in a year owning government bonds. Is the six month rally in bonds over? […]

New twist on “Sell in May and Go Away!” Sell what in May???

  CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE Tis the season to hear…”Sell in May and Go away!” This mantra comes from below average performance of stocks during the May to October time frame, compared to stronger stock performance from October to May.  Could we apply this idea to Yields?  Is it possible to “Sell Yields in […]