Global Dashboard
Global Dashboard (GD) consists of 9 charts (“9 pack”) covering four major investment categories including U.S., International, Commodities and Currencies. The purpose is to provide members with a weekly snapshot of a current pattern read of key global markets. This is an excellent tool for people with limited time or desire to make account adjustments or to accommodate trading restrictions in the case of many corporate retirement plans. we want this to be your “28-second advantage” to quickly see and understand the chart patterns then make adjustments when Power of the Pattern opportunities materialize.

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Kimble Charting Solutions Investment Quadrant

Color Codes:  Codes serve as a basic guide to the pattern at hand. Commentary is provided related to action to be taken, if any, based on what the Power of the Pattern is indicating.

Green Shade- Bullish and/or positive trending Pattern
Red Shade- Bearish and/or negative trending Pattern
Yellow Shade- No favorable pattern to trade

Kimble Charting Solutions Custom Dashboard

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