“My name is Chris Kimble, founder of Kimble Charting Solutions.

I have a simple goal for my investment research – help people to enlarge portfolios regardless of market direction by looking for patterns at extreme points of “exhaustion” with a high probability of reversing. I call it TBNM: tops, bottoms, no middles.

My intent is to simplify the decision making process. I am an Occam’s Razor fan. This theory suggests to “shave away” all unnecessary information when making decisions.





Having been in financial services for over 30 years, I’ve spoken with many individuals and financial professionals. The common desire that we all have, including me, is to enlarge our portfolios with the least amount of risk!

If you were caught by surprise in 2008 and suffered because losses went well beyond tolerable, you are not alone. Many still continue to find it difficult to make confident investment decisions. Why? I believe the noise from media sources, and in our own heads, plays a significant factor in making good investment decisions.

My research is intended to simplify investment decisions and increase confidence with charts that are clear as to the pattern at hand and action to take.

If you are new to Kimble Charting Solutions, you will often see the term “Power of the Pattern”. This describes the type of research I do on a daily basis. I don’t attempt to predict what will happen or respond to news or opinions of the world. Rather, I look for chart patterns at extreme exhaustion points that have a high probability of reversing. These extremes reflect excess fear and greed of global investors and what I seek to help people capitalize upon.

By providing research showing markets at extremes of long term resistance or support, and including bullish / bearish sentiment readings when available, I attempt to help people simplify their decision-making, reduce risk, increase confidence and improve results.


I’m looking for people who are a good fit in that they use this research to drawn their own conclusions and make their own investment decisions. This is not an investment advisory or trading service. That said, I do share positions I am personally taking given the pattern and opportunity at hand.

My research is suitable for people managing their own individual portfolio or professionals responsible for managing client or institutional assets. Members will best capitalize on my research by combining it with the trading tools / methods they currently employ toward making even better decisions.

I encourage you to watch a 30 minute introduction video also available on our site.

Finally, patience is key to allow opportunities to materialize. Those that are will benefit most from my research.


I believe research that is free but doesn’t provide value is expensive, while quality research can pay for itself many times over.

With this in mind I created various types of services from Premium Membership which provides members with daily research to services that target specific markets such as our weekly Global Dashboard, Sector/Commodity Sentiment Extremes and Metals Research reports. A description for each service is available on our website and sample reports are available upon request.

Comments from a few members


Comment from Mike P.

Hi Chris –

….I really liked how clear the charts were and the questions that you posed as ‘food for thought’. I thought it was a really clear and compelling way of looking at things. So, I signed up for email alerts and just kinda followed along for a while.
In parallel, I had been subscribing to (firm removed). The information was great and I learned a lot in the member chat room, but I found it was becoming a bit of a time drain and I didn’t really like how fluid the counts could be. Most importantly, the information wasn’t helping my trading, it was hurting it.
…your Triple Play research provides a lot of great information a couple times per week, which should work well for me personally (trading is NOT my day job). I also like how you provide specific positions now and then. I think that really helps people like me. I’m all about evaluating and making my own decisions, but it’s nice to know where you’re at with things, too.
Finally, your specific calls related to GDX and XIV were great. I follow both myself, and seeing how you broke down the charts into action was great. I wanted to be a part of that insight.
At some point I’ll likely ask you about premium membership. I thought it best to start with the triple play but I have to admit that there are aspect of the stock market (sentiment, correlations, etc.) that fascinate me. It’s essentially one of my favorite hobbies, and I like making a buck or two as well!
Mike P.

Comment from Craig R.

Been long gold and silver miners for several weeks based on your technical analysis and My own use of MACD divergences in multiple time frames. Purchased QQQ 88.50 PUTS before the close yesterday and up 200%+ so far today. Your technical analysis is helping me find ‘conviction’ in my own MACD options trading. This has been a great learning experience the last six months. I only have one goal right now and that is to retire by the time my great granddaughter is born in March. Everybody has told me I will never be successful trading options. But I can see now my success is coming from my own trading style, and so it is.

Chris, thank you for your approach to technical analysis.
Craig R.

Comment from Jim W.

Hey Chris, I have been a premium member for almost a year. I have recouped my investment a 100-fold. So thank you so much for helping me, my family and my clients. I want to make sure you are happy and see if I can do anything for you. I would like to gain greater access to you and I am interested in being a founding member of a new “premium premium” membership. Please let me know your thoughts.

Thank you again and I look forward to speaking to you.
Jim W. from Florida

Comment from Luca

If I have to sum it up, this is such powerful information you’re providing me with, it simply cannot fail to produce tangible results. 1.3 times the cost of the annual subscription paid in exactly 21 hours is no joke, and we did it without crazily risky leveraged derivatives: just a great technical setup, a good ETF, eyes on the stops, and cashed out as soon as the gains proved us right; no more no less. No need to stretch the rubber band, the next chart will bring more profits, in the meanwhile, there’s nothing as good as more cash!!!

Thank you Chris, Premium Memberships beats everything out there.
Luca from Italy

Comment from Harold K

All the charts contained in that Dashboard had not been shown before, at least since I’ve been a member. They were all new to me. Also, they point out the type of data that I think is very crucial. All of the charts you present satisfy a need that must be seen. When you present charts on a regular basis, that’s what I expect, since I want to see what’s happening from week to week or month to month as this information is very critical when I buy/sell certain securities. IMO what you deliver is what I want and need. Every chart that you post serves a purpose for me. I’ve not been disappointed by any chart you have posted yet. I know the reasoning why you post it, it’s important! You and I understand why you post charts or issue B/S recs based on certain criteria or criterion. Everything is cut and dried and the R/R ratio is always in line presenting us with very good upside accompanied with very low risk! What more can someone ask for? Keep on walking down your path, you chose the right path.

Harold K

Comment from Doug S

I have been peeking at your charts for a year or more and find they are what I myself observed in the markets using technical analysis. The only problem for me was I never believed in my own work. Seeing your take is a way for me to stay rational about expectations and to get hints as to change of trends in different markets. I want to try using your charts to trade deliberately and rationally, instead of shooting from the hip when I get too busy to take a deep breath and see what the charts are saying.

Doug S

Comment from Leonard C

Thank you for your service, your charts and explanations have opened my eyes to longer term trends and perspectives. I have followed your posts for the last couple of months on Stocktwits and found them to be very interesting. The longer term analysis that you provide, as well as a wide range of instruments that you cover would compliment my shorter term views. Also, although I don’t personally know you, you seem to be humble and grateful in your responses to other investor, traders responses…

Leonard C

Comment from Mark

After reading your blog for the past 2 years I thought it was time to take advantage of the Triple Play. Your blog is a must read for me every day! I want to use it to increase my account no matter the direction of the market.

I am reaching retirement age and find myself with not having put away enough to secure a nice retirement. I want to use the service to help safeguard what we have put away and also to grow it.
After getting to know you and your research I know TPOP will help me in what I want to achieve.
Mark H

Comment from Scott

Chris: just wanted to pass along some feedback to you on your blog and premium subscription posts. I paper traded your recommendations for six (wasted) months before going “live” on 1 Jan this year. Since then, my trading account is up 70.1% as of today’s close – which is to say that, thanks to you, sir, I’ve had a terrific DECADE these last 100 days or so, and the premium service has paid for itself in spades. As an aggressive investor, I use your posts to place swing trades using various option strategies and a strict selling discipline which, regrettably, I learned the hard (pronounced: “EXPENSIVE”) way… in all candor, Chris, yours is far and away the best subscription I’ve ever had in twenty-some years of active trading. The POTP rocks!

Thank you again for all that you do!
Scott A. from California

Comment from Doug

Positive feedback today….on two small trades that I would not have normally made but did based on Chris’s research. I have essentially paid for a year’s subscription. Notable long SLV and short Nikkei (EWV) are the trades referred to. Can you please tell me what I would pay to upgrade my monthly charges to an annual subscription.

Doug N.

Comment from Chunhui

The best value I can get from Kimble Charting is that I am able to validate my own analysis with a professional’s opinion. Thus, it not only guides me to trade, but also helps improve my analysis skill. I used to do a lot of day trading, which was too stressful. But now I start to calm down and do more swing trades with a lot more confidence and less stress.

And thanks for all the timely communications, that I truly appreciate. You have a wonderful weekend.

Comment from Dick

Proud to say I saw you as “the next coming” before the crowd did. Or is starting to. Or will. I have cruised technical analysis for half a century……I was pals with one of the great tape readers of all time….point made.

Dick R

Additional Background

I began my career in as a financial advisor back in 1980. For the majority of these years I was fortunate to have the wind of a bull market behind me. It made me look rather smart to my clients during those years. I was also fortunate to have met Sir John Templeton, founder of Templeton Mutual Funds in the late 1990s.

Sir John quickly became my hero as well as a mentor. He informed me the greatest bull market of all time was likely ending at the end of the decade! How did he know? John Templeton was born in the early 1900s and had personally experienced several long term bull and bear markets. Through great observations of market history and its tendency to repeat certain patterns, he was able to capitalize in the worst and best of times. It made me look at investing very differently going forward. First, that a major bull market pattern could be in for a long nap, a sideways market perhaps for a decade or two! (think of the nap you take after a thanksgiving feast)

Market history & the reality of repeating patterns

I could not simply hold and hope at this point. Sir John said – “if you do what everybody else does, you’ll get what everybody else gets”. We have to expect some pain with investing but I didn’t want my clients to suffer. In addition, should Sir John’s observations come true again and we found ourselves in a sideways market that included some very significant declines, I needed a system or approach that could help manage the downside risk if not capitalize on it. My goal was to boil decisions down to a simple yes or no, in or out and eliminate the what-ifs and noise. I realize investing is not always that precise and simple.

Taking things back to the mid 1990s for a moment, I was familiarizing myself with a software program called MetaStock. Having studied technical analysis during this time, I began applying various moving averages to help find entry and exits points in the mutual funds I had assets in at the time. Over time I realized moving averages were useful only when definitive trends are in place but can eat you alive when things trend sideways for a period of time. This ultimately led me to the approach I’ve adopted since. I call it TBNM or Tops, Bottoms and No Middles. I look for patterns at extreme points of “exhaustion” with a high probability of reversing. Perhaps you are familiar with some of the terminology such as rising and falling wedges, “cup and handle” patterns etc. Finding these patterns is my skill and passion. What matters most is knowing that these patterns increase our odds of success. I’ve also found these patterns provide another very important benefit – simplicity and clarity to help eliminate all the noise from an unlimited number of opinions and news the world provides.

Beyond the pattern, we still need to choose position size, a stop loss method and targets. What I can share about those who have employed my research is that it’s helped people make decisions with greater ease and confidence. What I can also promise you won’t see from me is any focus on the problems of the world. My sole focus is on finding solutions, patterns that provide opportunities to increase account values regardless of market direction; what I often refer to as the “Power of the Pattern”.

By now you should also be able to conclude that I’m neither a bull nor a bear. I am of the belief that being “bullish or bearish” is nothing more than a psychological state of mind……. It’s not a strategy. I attempt to find repeating patterns that have a two-thirds chance of predictable results. No matter how hard I work I know I will be wrong a third of the time and I am OK with that….yet I am NOT ok with “Being wrong for long”!


Who’s Following Kimble Charting Solutions

I hope you will review the sample research reports provided along with our services and see how they might align with your thinking and needs.

I look forward to helping you increase your account regardless of market direction!
All the best,
Chris Kimble

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