Key inflection point and opportunity? What would you do here???

what would you do here july 20CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE

The chart looks at an assets price pattern over the past 30-years.

A potential inflection point is in play at (1) above. In my humble opinion the odds are low this is a head & shoulders pattern.

This assets is testing a cluster of support at (1) at this time.

What would you do at (1)???

If you would like to share what you would do here, we would love to hear from you. Shoot us an email at and let us know what you would do with this pattern.  If you would like to know what the asset is, send us and email and we will get you the answer a couple of days from now. Members will be updated ASAP on this pattern/potential inflection point, where a big move could take place.


Gold Mining stocks- Leading indicator attempting breakout

gdxjgdx ratio facing falling resistance july 19


The chart above compares GDXJ (Junior Mining stocks to Senior Mining Stocks).

The ratio has been in a down trend for the past 5-years and it is making an attempt to break this trend.

A breakout above dual resistance at (1), would suggest the Risk On trade for miners should continue.

With the trend being down, the risk on trade does NOT want to see this ratio start turning weak and break support at (2).

We are keeping Premium and Metals members abreast of this important pattern. If you find this type of pattern analysis of interest, we would be honored to have you as a member.


London- Important times, attempting dual resistance breakout

london picture

Could be an important time for London right now!

Below looks at the FTSE 100 (London) over the past 6-years.

ftse testing dual resistance july 18


As mentioned above, the FTSE 100 remains inside of a 6-year rising channel. Two support was tested this year at (1). While testing 6-year rising support, the FTSE 100 created bullish reversal patterns (bullish wicks) at rising support channel at (1).

The strong rally following the Brexit vote, now has the FTSE 100 testing the 23% Fibonacci retracement level and the underside of resistance at (2).

What the FTSE 100 does at (2), would well impact the broad markets in the states, as the rally in London, has been followed by markets all over the world.

Risk On trade want/needs the FTSE 100 to continue to push higher at (1).