No calendar year (since 1950) has gone further into the year without a 4-day losing streak than 2014.



Can you believe Thanksgiving is almost here? Just five short weeks from now we will be celebrating a New Year! This year went fast for you?

The above chart highlights that since 1950, no calendar year has gone further into the year without a 4-day losing streak!

S&P 500 breaks above resistance back in March of 2013, it's been pretty strong since the breakout!


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Hi Yo Silver – “Bullish reversal wick” could be forming at dual support!



Bullish wicks at support can be create nice buying opportunities. A month ago Premium Members took advantage of bullish wicks in stocks and took "Pocket Change Gains" here.  (see post here) 

Silver is hitting dual line support, at the same time it is hitting the 23% Fibonacci support off the move from $3 to $50 and looks to be creating a "monthly bullish wick" at this key price zone.

Silver has lost about two-thirds of its value in the past three years. Is the bottom in place?  Too soon to tell. This is a monthly chart, so we won't know the results how how this pattern plays out until the end of the month.

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Mega Phone Pattern breaks to the upside, bullish for Dow!


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John Melloy, CNBC's investing editor, discusses the Mega Phone pattern in this Video and goes into more detail in an article he wrote (see here).

The one things that continues to get my attention is this....The Dow created the second largest monthly bullish wick in the past 10-years, last month at the top of the megaphone pattern. 

When did "THE" largest monthly bullish wick in the past 10-years take place? At the bottom of the megaphone pattern in 2009! (see post here) 

This pattern remains bullish for the Dow as long as it remains ABOVE the top of the pattern, which is now a long-term support line.


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