“Sector/Commodity” Sentiment Extremes

“Sector/Commodity” Sentiment Extremes (SSE)  includes the 5 most favored and 5 least favored sectors/commodity sentiment readings updated weekly. We then apply “Power of the Pattern” analysis to these extremes and look for the most opportunistic pattern(s), if any. This is a great tool for people looking to capitalize on potentially explosive opportunities at key reversal & exhaustion points “Shopping cart”: there will be many times certain opportunities are moving towards our ideal criteria. They are on our radar screen but we are not ready to suggest action. We want to make you aware of these potential opportunities but for now, we put them in our “shopping cart.” This service is included with Premium Membership

This service is included with Premium Membership

Kimble Charting Solutions Commodity Public Opinion

6/20…Coffee had only 17% bulls(B5), had declined 50% in 13 months, was on a rising support line and was at its 50% fib support level….
The play was to long Coffee…
Results- Coffee rallies over 20% in the following weeks before breaking it’s uptrend 7/23

Kimble Charting Solutions Public Opinion

“Sector/Commodity” Sentiment Extremes
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